Who am I:

Darryl Besch is a creative individual born and raised in London Ontario, who is inspired by the Saturday morning cartoons, comic books, video games and hot rods of his youth. As well as child hood memories Darryl is also inspired by the pop culture of everyday media, flowing lines of nature, mechanical styles of Art Deco and the music that fills his head and ears as he creates unique, offbeat and diverse works of art.

After attending H.B. Beal Art School where he specialized in Ceramics and commercial art, Darryl left his London home for the first time to move to Halifax Nova Scotia where he attended NSCAD University and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a Major in Jewellery and Metal smithing in 2006.

Although his BFA is in Jewellery and Metal smithing, Darryl’s creative talent is not limited to metal work. He enjoys working in a variety of media such as Sculptural ceramics, Illustration, Painting and Metal working. He is also looking to learn anything new that he could potentially apply to one of his pieces, to increase his artistic skills and further his career.

Darryl now lives and works out of his Toronto based studio, Dead Bunny Studios, where he further develops his unique, fun and humorous style.


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